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1968 Lola T160 Converted to T70MKIIIB Coupe Specs

Vehicle Description

1968 Lola T160 Converted to T70 MKIIIB Coupe Specs

Auction Estimate $250,000 – $300,000

  • Black Emerald with Red interior
  • 510cid / 710 HP
  • Custom built GM based Dart block with aluminum heads & Weber Carbs
  • 7 runs on Dyno showed 710 HP
  • ZF505-25-2 Transmission
  • Unique T70 as it has a big block and is probably the most powerful T70 in existence.
  • Sorted out twice at Sebring
  • Won Best in Show at the Cavallino Sports Car Sunday in 2008
  • Won the Millie Miglia award at Festivals of Speed in 2008
  • Won the Road Race Award at Festivals of Speed in 2015
  • Won Best Race Car at Festival of Speed Hallandale in Nov 2016
  • Featured on the Lola website as well in their Chassis Register

SL 160/3 was delivered to Team John Surtees on Sept 16 1968 less engine & gearbox. John Surtees and Eric Broadley soon after delivery disagreed on several issues. One was gearboxes. Surtees was not happy with the changes and how the car performed. In his opinion, the tub was skinned with too thin aluminum, and he chose to start building his own chassis that was not associated with Lola.

After a major engineering and also removing the chassis plate, he called his car the Surtees Chevrolet Special. It also went under the name TS Chevrolet. The chassis plate was returned to the Lola repair shop in California. Carl Hass was the importer for Lola at that time, and he was renting out Lola’s with mechanics to the racers. Mac McClendon had the shop that was responsible for keeping the cars running, and to make running cars out of all the wrecks. He had more Lola wrecks then the factory had in his backyard. At that time, it was not unusual to switch chassis plates around on chassis’, especially to avoid lengthy new FIA Certification on a new chassis.

SL 160/3 now became a club racer that later was wrecked. Mac McClendon kept the wreck in his warehouse with all his other wrecks. Many years later, in the 1990’s, he started the rebuilding of the car with a very special tub constructed in aircraft aluminum. This was sitting unfinished in his shop until the present owner, Fred Larsen, bought the project in 2006. He noticed the tub when he had his T70 SL73/19 rebuilt, which is now back with the original owner, Tony Sargeant in Jersey Island UK. Fred also owned T70 SL106 also restored many years ago by McClendon, who is now recognized as the most knowledgeable and best Lola restorer in the world – event he Lola Factory themselves had to rely on him from time to time.

Fred wanted a course body on the chassis as it is practically identical to the late MXIIIB. Having a big block MKIIIB was his dream; so after visiting the Lola Factory in 2006and discussing the project with their engineers, they had no objection to a big block MKIIIB with a T160 serial number. Lola now has the car listed in their registry as ‘Converted to T70 MKIII Coupe Specs’.

The engine is based on a new Dart block with aluminum heads and 48mm Webers. Crower Camshafts even made a custom camshaft to match the Webers and the altered firing order. It came out at 710HP at 6800ROM at the 7th dyno run. Fred wanted a 5 speed ZF 505 transmission for smoother and faster shifting than the Hewland. The car has been sorted out at Sebring in 2008 and 2009.

This Lola is a beautiful work of art and has won the following awards:

  1. Best in Show Competition at the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic XII Sports Car Sunday in Jan 2008.
  2. Milli Miglia Award – Festivals of Speed Orlando FL in Dec 2008.
  3. Road Race Award – Festivals of Speed Orlando FL in Dec 2015.
  4. Best Race Car – Festivals of Speed Hallandale FL in Nov 2016
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Vehicle Details

  • Auction: Amelia Island Select – 2017
  • Lot: 239
  • Status: Consignment
  • Year: 1968
  • Make: Lola
  • Model: T-70 MklllB

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